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Smoker Kingfish West Palm Beach

Author: Angler Management Fishing

Kite Fishing For Kingfish

We were lucky enough to fish the silver sailfish derby and while kite fishing we landed this smoker kingfish weighing 40.2 pounds. The king sky rocketed out of the water and swallowed our gog whole!  This king didn't count as a release but it sure was good for the smoker. 

"Smoked kingfish dip anyone?"

When we kitefish offshore we use high speed qualia kite reels as using 20 lb bullbuster mono and we use 15 foot 40 pound bullbuster fluoro leader with a circle hook. This tournament we weren't targeting kingfish specifically, but if you are try adding a 2 foot wire leader to keep yourself connected with these toothy beasts. Great luck! Thanks BB mono!

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Kingfish Tips

Are you interested in catching smoker kingfish consistently?  Take advantage of the huge knowledge base here on the Bullbuster Community to up your kingfish game!  We have tons of articles on kingfish techniques.  These include live baiting tips, tackle tips, fishing reports, and even recipes!  We hope you enjoy these resources and that they help you spend more time fishing. 

Getting Ready For A Kingfish Trip?

Smoker kings will not only smoke drag but they taste excellent on the smoker (see our article on the best kingfish recipes of the web). Make sure that you don't loose a king because you are using old mono. Order your monofilament fishing line here from and have it delivered directly to your doorstep!

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Have The Kingfish Been Finicky Recently But You Know They Are There?

When the kingfish get finicky its often time to switch to flourocarbon.  If you are fishing tournaments 90% of boats are fishing fluorocarbon in front of their wire leaders.  If you aren't fishing fluorocarbon than you are at a disadvantage. 

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