Fishing Report:

Small Sharks Can Be Fun


Fishing For Sharks WIth Light Tackle From The Beach

Blacknose sharks are a small slim shark with a faint black mark on it's nose. Saturday my team and I met up at our spot for some shark fishing action. There was mullet everywhere! Acres and acres of mullet jumping everywhere. While I rigged rods Brennon and Henry fished for bait. Brennon caught About 5lbs of mullet in the cast net. Henry put the mullet on a 3000 size reel and about 5 min later Henry got a large ladyfish on bullbuster 20lb braid with a 20lb fluorocarbon leader and a 2/0 circle hook. We cut it up and took it out around 50 yards on Henry's squall 50ld (a small lever drag conventional reel.) Not even 3 minutes later it got slammed! Fish on! We cranked it in in a few minutes and realized we had caught a 4ft blacknose!

We took the hook out, got a photo and released it. We were hyped up. A fish that fast was awesome! I kayaked out another chunk on my gls 25. I hadn't even put it in a rod holder befor it got slammed right in my hands. I cranked it in and again another blacknose! Hook out, photo, release. As I was logging the catch, Henry's squall got hit again! This one fought twice as hard as the other's. Once it was in shallow it got wrapped up the other lines out but that bullbuster mono held. This time it was a 4 and a half foot spinner shark! Henry is becoming quite the shark fisherman! I kayaked sharpnose out on Henry's 9/0 and my 6/0 and 9/0 but nothing hit. We packed up around 9pm because I had strep throat and a massive headache. All in all it was a good day. Even small sharks are fun! 

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