Fishing Report:

Small Blacktip And Big Lemon Shark

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Caught A Beautiful Lemon And BlackTip Shark Late Afternoon

Hit a beach with my buddy JD. We put out a good spread in the late afternoon and were feeling pretty confident as a lot of bait was swimming by. As we were receiving a pizza delivery at the beach JD tells me he is on. I didn’t even hear the hit. He is hooked up on his 80W. The Shark is running in a lot and he soon lands a Small Blacktip Shark. We take a couple of quick pics and let the Tipper go. JD takes out a fresh bait and we are out solid with 4 baits again. 

Hours pass now and it’s pretty slow. My 12/0 with Bullbuster 125LB Monofilament with Whole Bonito out for bait got picked up. The Shark ran in spit the bait out and never came back. I feel I still have bait so I left it out. I don’t have too much confidence in the 12/0 at this point. Then my 14/0 with an AJ head gets picked up very slowly. Almost Nurse Shark like but it’s not a Nurse. After I let it run I hook up and I’m on but now I am stuck on bottom. Eventually I get unstuck but I reel in my bait and there is not much left. It’s getting late so I start packing up. As I am packing up I hear JD calling my name. I think he is the one getting hit on a Big AJ head but he says it’s the 12/0. 

"I was pretty shocked"

I was pretty shocked. He says solid hit man he’s been going steady. JD hands me the rod and I set up on the Shark. I can feel this Shark is heavy. It makes one decent run and then it’s a stale mate. It’s a heavy fight. After a good heavy battle we begin to see the Shark. We think it might be a Big Bull or Lemon. As it gets closer it’s a Big Lemon Shark. Thinking this Big Lemon is pregnant we keep the Shark in shallow water and quickly take a few good pics. The Lemon measured out at 8’7 with a huge girth. We take her out and she swims off strong into the deep. Another good night with a good friend doing something we truly enjoy and have a passion for.

Luis, Tight Lines!

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