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Shrimp Boat Season

Author: Fish Can't Hide

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing During Shrimp Season

Shrimp boat season #bigsickles #yellowfin Venice LA, "TunaTown" is one of the few places where Yellowfin tuna can be caught year round. As the temperature starts cool in fall months the big fish show up. Sometime in September shrimp boats from all over the Gulf start working the near shore waters off of Venice. Right behind them are the big tuna. As the shrimp boats pull their nets and push their by catch "cull" back over, the tuna get in a feeding frenzy. As you start to chum it usually starts with Bonita ,Blackfin and lots of tax collectors, "Sharks". All busting the surface and any chum your throwing. As it settles down and we drift away from the shrimp boats the chum starts to make it down in the water column and you see the first set of big sickles streak into the slick and you know it's game on. Fish over 150 pounds are common and there will definitely be some 200+ slobs slid off the boats at the Venice Marina. 

The other method commonly used is live baiting. This is also exciting and visual action. It pays to spend the time in the morning and catch big fresh live mullet. The bigger the better, this will cut down dramatically on your by catch of Bonita and Blackfin but keep you in the zone for the big yellows. Tactics change daily and you have to be ready to switch gears at any time but this is by far some of the coolest most action packed and visual fishing you can experience. This by far is my favorite time to target the big yellows. If you have never tried it or been to Venice, you should. I will warn you now, it is addictive and you will be back!!

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