Fishing Report:

Shore Line Hawaii Fishing Tournament

Author: Jaren Luke

Shoreline Fishing For Bonefish In Hawaii

\Hawaii Bonefish

Hawaii Bonefish Tournament

  In Hawaii, the month of August marks the start of the shoreline fishing tournament season for the year and I have spent the past few months scouting and prepping for it. 

Tournament day couldn't have come sooner, and it was time to put all my preparations and scouting to the test. After catching and releasing a few smaller fish, I took a double strike. I brought up what I thought was the bigger fish but after seeing its size, I realized this would be another released fish that wouldn’t make the size to place. So I grabbed my other rod but quickly felt that my line was tangled on the sharp reef below and feared that the line would cut and a potential winning fish would be lost. 

Luck was on my side however, and the line became untangled. Upon closer inspection I saw that my Bullbuster mainline and fluorocarbon leader was badly scratched, but held up solid to secure a second place, 8.5 pound bonefish in the 2015 Island Shorecasters Tournament! Aloha.

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