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Sheepshead & Pompano Action

Author: Albert Acosta

It's Like Counting Sheep To Sleep...

Sheepshead & Pompano
Backcountry Bonanza

Good bye winter! Hello spring timeI I’m not a winter fan at all...don’t get me wrong I will fish during the winter but I love spring time. The fish start moving out of their winter hideaways and start to move to their spawning grounds and they are hungry. This time of year can be very productive and exciting time of year for fishing. I like to head out to the Gulf of Mexico and fish the river mouths and offshore Shallow water areas for sea trout, pompano, sheepshead, tarpon, cobia, grouper, and all types of other fish. So me and good friend Mike decided to head out in search of some hungry fish. We loaded up the Epic Tails with all our gear and made our stop at the local bait store to load up on pinfish and shrimp and off we went to Everglades National Park. It was going to be a beautiful clear blue skies and very little wind... it was going to be great. We made the run out to the Gulf and saw a majestic sunrise as we headed out.

Backcountry Sunrise
Bullbuster Ready for Action

As we neared our fishing spot we could see the water was a beautiful clear light green color and the tide was about to change. There was very little current and the fishing early was slow just a few blue runners and jacks that made their way to the live well for the monsters later. But the tide was about to change and we knew the fishing would pick up. We were using our lighter set ups our Quantum reels loaded with Bullbuster 30Lb braid and using 40-50 Lb Bullbuster Floro. We were catching nice jacks and a few blue runners and bluefish. We were weeding our way through these fish before we started to catch some different fish. I was bouncing jig heads with live shrimp on the bottom to see what was lurking in the deeper water and then I felt a nice I reeled in I could see through the clear light green water that I had a nice sheepshead! Sheepshead are great eating...I was very happy!

Tasty Sheepshead
Convict Will Not Be Released!

We kept throwing the jig heads with shrimp in the same general area bouncing it off the bottom and one after another the sheepshead kept coming! Mike was getting into the action to and started catching some real nice sheepshead and they were getting bigger! We also started to notice as we threw the jig heads out on their way to the bottom we were getting hit by pompano.  I love pompano they are a beautiful fish and are great eating! One of the most tasty fish you can eat. The pompano could not resist the live shrimp jigged in the middle water column.

Mike’s Sheepshead
Convict Straight to the Cooler

Pompano Action
Tasty Pompano

Pompano in the Cooler They Go!

Mike and I were having a great day and the sheepshead and pompano action was great but we know there were other types of fish lurking around. We had seen a few Cobia and permit swimming around and of course the sharks that would swim by to remind us they were there waiting to eat something. All of a sudden Mike screamed Cobia!!! Big Cobia! Mike quickly dispatched a pinfish on a jig head and sure enough this monster Cobia engulfed it and took off like a rocket! Mike fought the fish for about 15 minutes and worked it close to the boat. I had the gaff ready and saw the Cobia under the boat. But then He showed up...and when I say He I mean a 7-8 foot bull shark that makes his rounds in this area when he senses fish being caught.  He swooped in and grabbed the big fat Cobia before I could gaff it. We were crushed....Mike’s reel started to scream as line started to rip out with the bull shark taking his Cobia. After being cut off by the bull shark we decided to see if we could catch him. I grabbed one of the big baits from the live well...a nice big blue fish and threw him out using the Penn International 16VS loaded with Bullbuster 100lb braid and 200lb leader. It did not take long for the big shark to come back....he mercilessly bit and swallowed the big live bait and I was on for a wild ride. The big shark tore line off my reel on several runs....i could barley hang on. He was big and powerful and after 30 minutes of fighting him I knew I was in trouble. We followed him with the boat but the shark would not let soon I furiously reeled in prescious line he would make more runs. Here is short video of the battle...  

The sweat was coming down my face and my hands were tired and fighting belt for me....this was mano a mano combat....hand to hand combat. But the big bull won he cut me off....I rarely use steel and instead use Bullbuster 200-300 lb leader with circle hooks and it usually works out but not today....that’s the way it goes sometimes. Sometimes you win sometimes you loose, but we were not sad we had plenty of fish in the cooler and we were going to eat good for the next few days....fresh pompano and sheepshead. The bull shark ate Everyone ate great that day. Remember Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing line @ 

Dinner Time

Pompano & Sheepshead

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