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Author: Captain Mike Littlefield

Summer Shark Fishing  Report

We went out on June 26th to do an experimental shark fishing trip

. A week before we started to look at water temperatures in the Mudhole that is located to the east of Block Island. The Mud Hole is a deep, long channel located few miles east of Block Island: 40 08.600' x 71 18.500. SDepths in the Mud Hole range up to 200 feet, and the bottom is littered with structure that attract large numbers species. 

During the summer months, abundant baitfish attract pelagic species such as bluefin tuna, mahi, mako and thresher sharks, bonito, and occasionally yellowfin tuna.The Mud Hole is also a reliable spot for chumming up big bluefish throughout the summer months, and is a popular destination for the party boat fleets 

Shark Fishing Northeast

Big game tackle has really evolved over the last few years. The size of the equipment that we used to use for striped bass, we now use for school bluefin tuna, and what we used for school bluefin tuna, we can now use for sharks. The rods we are using are built and designed by Ralph Craft of crafty one customs in Portsmouth RI. The reels we are using at the Finnor Santiago 50w spooled with 130 bullbuster hollowcorewith a top shot of 80lb mono, and the Quantum Cabo 80-100 series spinning reels are spooled with yellow 80Lb bullbuster braid

Big Game Fishing Northeast

Once in the mudhole, we set up two buckets of chum. Typically, we tie one bucket off of the bow and one bucket off the stern. This helps jumpstart the slick and gives us a constant flow of chum. After we go through the first two buckets, we switch over to one bucket set off the midship cleat for the remainder of the day. . 

We also bring a 75-quart cooler full of bluefish or bunker to use for chumming. We add in some fresh cut bunker and bluefish chunks to spice up the slick, but are careful not to overdo it. The goal is to attract the sharks, not feed them.

Shark Fishing Northeast

We arrived at the mudhole at 0600 on June 26th, As we are getting are baits dressed and ready to deploy into the depths we noticed alot of birds diving around us. Within 5 minutes, the reel starting to scream line off straight down. I looked at my deck hand Tyler and said, today is going to be an epic day on the water. Blue shark after blue shark the rods went off as soon as we could get our baits in the water. We ended up catching and releasing 18 blue sharks and lost another 5 that we never saw come close to the boat. 

This was by far one of  the best shark trips we had with two ladies onboard that totally had a blast and they fought every shark. You can see in the pictures, they where determined to scratch off shark fishing on their bucket list. 

Big Game Fishing Northeast

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