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Shark Bait For New Jersey Landbased Shark Fishing

Author: The Shark Boys

What Are The Best Baits For Shark Fishing From Land In New Jersey    

“What bait should I use?” We hear this being asked A LOT when people first get into shark fishing. Bait really depends on area when it comes to shark fishing. For instance, in Florida you may have the opportunity to catch really good fresh bait such as barracuda, jacks, stingrays, etc. However, in Jersey we tend to not find as many species of fish in our waters so it does make bait a little tricky. 

#1 Fresh Is Better

Our rule of thumb is, “fresh is better.” If we have to choose between the fresh bunker or the frozen mackerel were always going to go with the fresh bait. This is coming from personal experience. We always tend to do better with the bloodier bait. However, we do use frozen baits as well but with specific fish. When blue fish season rolls around, TONS of blues are caught. Blues make excellent shark bait. We normally will take a few blues and freeze them. We use them up pretty quickly because we do not want to bait to be frozen for too long. Unfortunately, 2018 was terrible for blue fishing, so we did not get as much bait as we planned. A lot of other tricks you can do to find good bait is to check reports and see what is in the area. For instance, we caught sharks on trigger fish carcasses before because they were abundant in our area. Sometimes marinas, charters and even fish markets will sell you the scraps of the fish they do not want. In addition, some people swear by crazy big baits. Some of our friends will use tuna heads because they feel that its going to get picked up by a monster. 

Bluefish From The Beach NJ

#2 Size Does Not Matter

We found that the size of the bait does not equal the size of the fish. We have caught plenty of 9ft + sharks on small baits and many tiny dogfish on big baits. Elephants eat peanuts. Our advice is that if you have the opportunity to catch fresh bait, do it! However, if you cannot catch any bait, go to a bait shop or online see what has been in the area and go with that! Good luck, and don’t forget to stay up to date with us, follow our instagram!

Bluefish For Shark Bait

-The Shark Boys

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