Fishing Report:

Sebastian Snooking

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

Sebastien Inlet Snook

Sebastien Inlet Snook

The fishing around the Sebastian inlet area has been great lately. I have been fishing the beaches and the inlet the past few days and the bite has been hit or miss.

On the beach we like to get out 15-25 minutes before first light and throw swimbaits such as the 9 inch Spooltek in a grey pattern. Within the first 10 minutes you will get slammed by over slot snook and tarpon. Then once the sun starts to rise we switch to live croakers and we will typically catch one to two fish before the bite dies off.

The inlet bite has been hit or miss. I have only caught one over slot snook on a free-lined live croaker and I jumped a 100 plus pound tarpon. The key is patience and trying to locate the school of snook and putting the bait right in front of thier face.

I expect the fishing to pick up down there due

to the upcoming mullet run. I believe the snook and red fish will be more active due to all of the bait in the water. I plan to fish at Sebastian inlet and in the New Smyrna Beach / Ponce Inlet area.

The equipment I used was a 9ft Star Rods VPR surf with a Tsunami Shield 5000 spooled with 350 yards of 30lb Bullbuster braid and I was using 50lb bullbuster mono leader

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

Sandesh Sukhdeo

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