Fishing Report:

Sebastian Snapppers

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo


The summer pattern has finally began in Florida.

The snook have moved off to the beachs to start breeding and the snook fishing at sebastian inlet has been put to a screeching halt unless you can find a few dozen croakers.

However there are larger more powerful gamefish lurk around the pilings of sebastian inlet. 

The day bite at Sebastian inlet has been spanish macks and jacks early in the morning and a few cubera snappers and some offshore grade mutton snappers.

The mid-day bite has been very slow with not too many fishing being landed.

The afternoon bite has been great. 

Large schools of greenies are in the inlet and large schools of jacks have been chasing bait like crazy and there have been large schools of cownose rays with a few small cobias following them.

The main species people have been going after has been goliath grouper. These fish are very abundant in the inlet and have been a problem for fisherman due to the fact that they are know to eat the fish as they are waiting to be netted. The bait of choice has been cow nose ray wings, jacks and moonfish.

The tackle of choice has  been a 7'6 Star Rod Aerial 30-80lb X-Heavy boat rod with an Avet 30W. I spool it with 80lb Bullbuster Braid and put a 50 foot 400lb leader using bullbuster grander leader.

The heavy mono is due to the fact that these fish drag you into the pillings and you need all the abrassion resistance you can get.

Good Luck and Tight Lines.

Sandesh Sukhdeo

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