Fishing Report:

Searobin Heaven 7/14/2018

Author: Ryan Carson

July Fishing Report (NJ)

To start off by no means was this a great afternoon for fishing. Winds were 15 mph out of the SSW. 4 seas at 5-6 second intervals. Not a east task for a 22 foot CC. But we decided to still make the run out of Barnegat to the Barnegat Light Reef. We started out in the south west corner of the reef site and drifted to the north east corner. The average drift speed was about 3.5 mph which made it very tough. We used 10 oz weights and would pitch them up in front of the boat to give it extra time to get to the bottom. The only bait that got touched was strips of clams. The killies, gulp and spearing went untouched. Our first drift was over in less than 40 minutes which ended up with 11 sea robins not great size but will still work for bait/chum in the future. We attempted a second drift which ended up with nothing. While we were out at the reef we could see tons of cownose rays swimming around a few smaller schools and a few singles but we did see a school of 40-50 pass by a couple times. We decided to make a run for the inlet to try out luck there. Only managed a few bites but nothing was successfully landed. On the way in we did see birds working about 200 yds off the mouth of the inlet but with the current weather conditions we were not going to attempt to fish it. 

A side note all fish came between 3:00 pm and 3:30 pm which could explain the drop off in fishing by the time we rest our drift at 4:45 pm. The major period was between 2:36 pm and 4:36 pm.

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