Fishing Report:

Sailfish Classic Recap

Author: Mike Milewski

Our Sailfish Classic Report

Putting Up A Kite In The Sailfish Classic

We fished the Sailfish Classic after being delayed for a few weeks do to weather. The weather turned out to be a decent day. A ground swell and 15-20mph wind which was great for getting the kites out. Unfortunately the bite for us was dismal!! We got up to our first spot within 35 minutes or so, which was  about 15 minutes prior to lines in. We  got the kites out and were ready to deploy out baits at lines in!

Ending up spending about an hour in the same area for a few drifts, but no bites. We picked up our spread and made a move further north. Once again same result! We kept moving to try and find the bite, but it never came. We ended up getting a few bites, blackfin tunas (top water/live gogs) and a few small kings on our down rigger baits.

We worked hard all day but never could locate the fish. Overall it was a slow day for the fleet. A few sails for the top boats but that was about it. Very little by catch was brought in to the weigh in!

We always keep grinding all the way up to lines out! You just never know when you might get that bite you want. Or even better get a triple on!  

The moral of story is always keep grinding and understand sometimes the bite might be slow. Everyday can not be EPIC, at least not for South Florida!

Cant wait for the next tournament!! We will definitely find some nice fish! Its always about putting in the hard work, dedication, and never giving up!

Thanks as always to BullBuster for supporting Team Reel Dreams! We truly appreciate all your support and outstanding products let allow us to catch more fish!!

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