Fishing Report:

Reef Fishing

Author: Austin Porter

Spring Miami Reef Fishing

Hello all,

Been a while, busy with Gettin' Jiggy and the flea markets I attended as a vendor. Many orders finally went out and time to get back to fishing.

This report was from a few weeks ago went I got to sneak out for the afternoon bite with a buddy. We anchored up just South of Fowey off Miami in about 60 feet of water. Put the chum out and started the oats heavy. About 30 min later the tails were near the surface. We caught a few tails than the sharks were right behind them eating almost 5-6 in a row and shut the tails down completely for a little bit. As those shut down we threw white bucktails and could not keep the kingfish away. We caught out limit of 4 within 10 min while releasing another 10-12 fish all about 7-9lb range. Every few hook ups would be a cero mackerel but those were far in between. Also a school of about 50 5lb amberjacks came through and hit everything you would throw!

All the fish were caught on 12lb bullbuster mono with 20lb regular leader for the tails and 60lb leader for the kingfish and mackerel. I never use wire while jig fishing just because it takes the action away a little. Thats why I use a heavy leader, also seems to get more strikes that way.

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