Fishing Report:

Redfish And Catfish For Easter!

Author: Christopher Meza

Easter weekend yet again and the only thing I want to do is fish! This time last year we caught a ton of fish at braunig lake exactly 1yr ago and the same has happened once again.

Easter Fishing!!

This time I wanted to beat the Easter weekend crowd and get a spot for me and a fellow angler Lalo for the weekend. I ended up getting a spot next to table 18 after work and to my surprise this was open but definitely a hot spot that I wanted to fish

Thursday evening I landed a 20in and a 27in redfish and lost two fish due to rocks cutting my line. I kept one 27in but some guy went and messed with my stringer and it somehow got unhooked from the rod holder so Thursday evening ended with no fish! 

Friday and into Saturday early morning produced keeper fish and I don’t remember exactly what times I caught fish at but I had caught 5 redfish at 27in, 28in and one 29in. Was hoping to get into some 35+in redfish at the lake but no luck with the big boy redfish. I was able to keep well almost 2 limits because I kept my 3 redfish before 12pm and I didn’t keep any till after 12pm to stay legal. 

During the day I did manage one catfish that seemed to be snagged in the rocks but after pulling on my 25lb bullbuster I was able to unsnag the catfish with no issue. Around 1am I had some major drag pulling going off and I literally had just casted out and sat down when the rod and drag went off. I ran to my rod and started cranking in this fish because the last fish got stuck and I wasn’t going to let that happen again. I though I had hooked a 30+ in redfish because even though I had drag locked down it still kept pulling some drag and as I got it closer it was a big blue CATFISH! 

My personal best catfish caught on fresh dead crawfish tipped off with crab fish bites. Went to grab a stringer when my other rod with gizzard shad peeled some drag and I ran over and started cranking in Another catfish but nowhere near the size of the previous catfish but still was a solid fish. 

Another great weekend for sure and counting the days till we hit the surf but don’t forget to subscribe! YouTube:TxFinChasers

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