Fishing Report:

Redfish Action Red Hot

Author: Albert Acosta

Spring Fishing In The  Florida Everglades

Pair of Redfish In The Everglades
Jorge with a Nice pair of Backcountry reds

Redfish action is Hot in the backcountry!

  Fishing the backcountry of Florida can be some of the most fun and productive fishing the state has to offer year round. You can go after and successfully catch multiple different types of species but there is one that is both beautiful and great table fare...the redfish. Great friend Jorge and I decided to head out to the Gulf of Mexico one weekend and got all our fishing gear ready. The Epic Tails was ready for some action! We started our morning early getting some live bait before heading out. We always start our morning way before sunrise...early bird gets the worm! We launched the boat and off we went deep into the Florida backcountry. We hit a few spots looking for live pilchards but the bait was very scarce. We continued out and fished a few spots but nothing but big jack crevalles, blue runners, and a few chances at some big cobia but they had lock jaw due to a front that had come through. We decided to hit some river mouths with the outgoing tide and decided this would be our best chance for some snook and redfish. We kept looking for a good spot and finally found the ideal was a beautiful area with moving water around an island bend with some mangroves. 

The Ideal Spot For Redfish
Redfish Lair

We settled into the spot and anchored to secure ourselves and started to fish. We were using Bullbuster 30lb Braid and 30lb floro on medium to light spinners. For bait we were using small 1/4, 1/2, jig heads with live shrimp. The tide was starting to move out and empty from a small bay and funnel its way around some islands..this was the ideal spot to catch some fish that were waiting for some easy meals in the current. Jorge started to make a few casts and it was not long until he was on with a nice fish. After a few runs and hard head shakes we scooped up a nice redfish. Jogre was thrilled! It was a keeper and we would be eating good tonight! Jorge made a few more casts and he was on again! Another nice redfish and keeper. We had 2 nice reds on ice ready for the fillet table later. 

Double Trouble Redfish In The Everglades
Redfish Catch for the Day

We kept fishing and landed several other reds with the small jigs and shrimp and had a great time. Redfish are beautiful fish and great eating! The redfish were hitting the chartreuse jighead hard and were having no problem finding it in the swift moving current. They have fantastic eyesight and unbelievable sense of smell as well. When they are hungry they will find your bait for sure.  

Redfish Jig Head
Redfish on Jig

After several reds and some Spanish mackerel we decided to call it a day and started our journey back home. Every time Jorge and I get together for a fishing trip we have a great day on the water... fish beware! As we headed back to the marina we got a glimpse of a saltwater crocodile that was hanging out on the mangroves...sneaky guy. 

Saltwater Croc
Hanging Out in the Mangroves

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