Fishing Report:

Red Snapper Season

Author: Chris Trochesset

Gulf Of Mexico Red Snapper Season (MS)

Well its that time of year again RED SNAPPER season Mississippi’s Red Snapper season will open Friday, May 25, in state and federal waters! The season will be open seven days a week through Monday, Sept. 3. It is open to private recreational anglers and for-hire anglers with a state permit.The state has a quota of 137,949 pounds. If anglers get close to that quota, the season will be closed from July 9-23.Mississippi, along with the other Gulf states, applied to NOAA for an Exempted Fishing Permit.The Red Snapper bag limit is two fish per-person per-day with a 16-inch minimum total length size limit.These were the numbers of last years 2017 hawl in if snapper season Total Harvest: 154,100 pounds

  • Number Fish Harvested: 27,189
  • Average Weight: 6.08 pounds
  • Average Length: 21.91 Inches
  • Trips: 4,185
  • Effort: 4.36 Anglers/Vessel/Trip
  • Harvest: 1.48 Fish/Angler/Trip 
  • Mississippi is getting very lawful about snapper season. They are keeping a very close eye of what the boats bring in.That is why Anglers who fish for Red Snapper are required to register their trip through Tails N’ Scales, MDMR’s reporting program. They must create a profile and start a trip before going fishing for Red Snapper. Anglers must have a trip number when they are out on the water and must report their catch within 24 hours and close out one trip before creating a new one.

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