Fishing Report:

Recent Bass Fishing Action

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Bass Fishing, Peacock Bass are biting.

Did some Bass Fishing with the kids recently. The Peacock Bass Bite was on. I was able to take all 3 boys on these trips and we were able to catch a lot of Peacocks and some Largemouth Bass. Sometimes Freshwater Fishing can be a great lesson to then apply when fishing the ocean. Not just the fishing techniques, but also training the eyes to see and spot fish. I remember learning a lot from Bass Fishing when I was a youngster. Not to mention that Bass Fishing is always a blast.

All fish in this report were caught on 12lb Test Bullbuster Monofilament.

 Always fun to get out with the kids and get on a good bite and watch them learn new tricks of the trade on their own. There is a video at the bottom.


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