Fishing Report:

Rain Or Shine The Peas Will Dine

Author: Albert Acosta

Do Peacock Bass Bite When Its Raining?

Nice Pea
Rainy Day Pea

The summertime rains have arrived and the water levels in the lakes and canals have been rising. These rising water levels can be great and fish become very active but also run off clouds the water in many areas. Last week after the rains there was a break in the weather and good friend Osiris was visiting South Florida from Tampa and wanted some peacock bass action.... I said dale let's do it! Here is short video of some of the days peacock bass action.

Osiris is an avid kayak angler you can follow him on Instagram  @mangrove_banger  while O (Osiris) was heading down I spent the early morning catching bait. The bait was scarce and I was catching them one by one for a few hours until I had about two dozen of the magical little rascals. I loaded them up in my PMCC (Peacock mobile command center) with our Bullbuster Braid loaded reels and hoped we could get into some fish.  We headed out in search of peas. We arrived at first stop and O saw three peas swimming by an area. O put a bait on and made the cast and within a few seconds he saw his line tighten up... he was on! O set the hook and the pea made a nice run and some jumps. I went down to grab him and had the prize in my hand.... a beautiful peacock bass.... the first fish of the day.

First Pea of the Day
Mangrove_banger's First Pea of Day

We moved to another location and quickly saw some nice peas swimming around rather aggressively. O grabbed a nice live bait and made a few casts... it did not take long before a swarm of peas chased the panicked bait... the bait new it was doomed. A nice pea grabbed the bait and the fight was on! This fish fought hard with a few nice runs and great jumps. O landed the fish, it was a truly beautiful fish and after a few pics released it back to its lair. 

Beautiful Pea
Mangrove_banger Slaying the Peas

From there we moved to a few more spots in search of these little monsters. We found one pea that was to smart for a fish. He kept stealing our baits and refused to get hooked! I picked a nice live frisky bait and tossed towards the smart pea... and after a few seconds I felt the little smart monster grab the unlucky bait.... boom hook was stuck good and the fight was on. After a nice fight I landed him... what beautiful color pattern this pea had. So being that he was so beautiful and hard to get unnamed him.... Garlucho. I give names to certain peas that deserve special recognition for their battle. 

Garlucho the Peacock Bass
Very Smart Pea

The day was turning out great and O and I were landing some nice peas. We finished the day with O landing a very nice male pea with a big Hump on his head. After landing we released him to close out a great day. 

Mangrove_banger with a nice male pea
Hump Head

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