Fishing Report:

Quick Trip

Author: Jeff Reyes

LBSF In Texas

Another early morning trip started in the am as I prepared to catch sharks by catching bait. After castnetting some mullet I set up some castouts and waded out to cast. 
     I set up some PVCs and bait rods to see if I could catch some slot reds or more bait. After catching a gaftop I rebaited the castouts and let them sit. I had a couple small runs and then the line got weeded out. I waited for tide to come up and set up the castouts with some gaftop chunks. The baits didn't sit long they kept getting weeded out so I constantly went in the water to get it off my rod. Later on that day i had a run and finally got one to stay on the hook. After a quick fight it ended up being a small bull, fun on the smaller reels. Took a pic dehooked and released to fight another day. 

As the night came I tried to castout but the seaweed was bad and mosquitos were horrible. Didn't bother messing with the rods over night so I let them stay. After waking up from a solid power nap I decided to castout in the morning. Rods didn't sit much long before I had some runs. I hooked up on to a chunky blacktip which almost got away due to jumping and wrapping up in the leader which opened the hook. I got him in and did the usual CPR (Catch, Photo, Release). 

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