Fishing Report:


Author: Tyler Feijoo

THE BITE IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its that time of the year guys! When you start seeing pumpkins being sold in the city just know the redfish bite is on fire! Last week 9/20/2018 Me and my buddy Tommy went out on a scouting trip. Upon bait being tough in Tampa Bay dealing with red tide and the part where fall is upon us it took a while but we finally got it. On to are first flat that we were going to check because last year this time the fish were there. These fish that are native have a pattern always try to time stamp days and location whenever you have a stellar fishing day for this reason. That being said we roll up nice and slow on the trolling motor and we see a huge mullet school and usually the predatory fish will sit under these schools and just hangout. So we sat down and threw a couple baits not even ten minutes we were on! We got into a school of about 150 fish all over slot monsters! My buddy even had to go swimming for one of his rods while we were already doubled up haha!!! Get out there and fish !

Captain Tyler Feijoo

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