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Protecting Our Endangered & None-Endangered Species

Author: Prentice Pullins

I’m no expert. Educational information only.

Fishing for sharks from shore? You need a permit.

Adult anglers fishing for shark from shore must take an online educational shore-based shark fishing course AND have a no-cost, shore-based shark fishing permit (renew annually). This permit will be associated with your recreational fishing license if you are required to have one. Fishing for sharks from a vessel does not require the additional permit.

This requirement is for all adult anglers that require a license (as well as those over the age of 65 who are normally exempt from needing a license) targeting or harvesting sharks from shore, including from any structure attached to shore such as jetties, bridges and piers. The permit is also required if fishing from shore for any species under the following circumstances:

  • Fishing with a metal leader more than 4 feet long,
  • Using a fighting belt/harness, or
  • Deploying bait by any means other than casting (kayaking for example) while using a hook that is 1 ½ inches or larger at the widest inside distance.

Those 16 and younger fishing for sharks from shore or as otherwise described above are not required to obtain the permit but will be required to take the online educational course unless they are fishing with an adult who already holds the permit.

What kind of gear do I use when fishing for sharks?

When fishing from shore or vessel, non-offset, non-stainless-steel circle hooks must be used when fishing for sharks with live or dead natural bait. The new rules also require that you be in possession of a device capable of quickly cutting your hook or leader (bolt cutters or cable cutters for example).

Prohibited shark species must remain in the water with the gills submerged when fishing from shore or from a vessel, and prohibited shark species must be released without delay when fishing from the shore. If hook removal will delay release, cut the line or the leader as close to the hook as possible.

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Help keep our sharks safe especially the endangered sharks. This is very important to our environment and our next generation to come. 

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