Fishing Report:

Pre Summer Snookin

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

The snook bite has been great all over the east coast of Florida for the 2020 season. I have caught over 250 snook this year and kept 5 slots. The snook season is quickly nearing it end on the 1st of June. Get out there and get yourself a slot before the season closes.

Voluisa County, Ormond Beach and New Smyrna Beach.

The snook in these regions have been preferring large live shrimp and small pinfish and they have been liking the 3 inch Z-man swimbaits paired with a 1/8oz trout eye jig head. The best presentation for the lures is to find a snook and try to sight fish it. Cast a few feet ahead of the fish and slow roll the lure and pop it occasionally. These fish have been hitting the lure on the fall, meaning it is a reaction strike. If you are fishing with shrimp use 20lb flourocarbon leader with a number 1 owner circle hook. Cast your shrimp with no weight along the mangrove line or by structure. You will see the snook come up and actively chae your shrimp until they eat it. Once you are hooked up, hang on. You are in for a fun battle 

Brevard County, Sebastian Inlet.

The snook bite at Sebastian inlet has been incredible if you know how to fish the inlet. The snook have been caught most frequently in the early morning period during sunrise and late evening period before sunset. We have been catching lots of slots and over slot fish on large live shrimp. To get these fish to bite, use 3 to 5 feet o f20lb fluorocarbon leader, paired with a number 1 owner circle hook. Use a #7 split shot to keep your shrimp drifting in the current. You shouldn't go any heavier on split shot because you want your shrimp to look as natural as possible. These snook that are in the inlet right now are fish that are getting ready to head to the beaches to breed. Just make sure to fight your fish lightly and don't muscle it in.

The fishing has been great and i look forward to start catching these snook on the beach within the next month. 

Until next time.

Tight Lines.

Gear used 

7'3 Custom rod 6-12lb class

3000 daiwa ballistic

15lb braid 

20lb bullbuster flourocarbon leader.

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