Fishing Report:

Post Spawn Peacock Bass Action

Author: Albert Acosta

Big Pea for Osiris
Hog of the Day

Summer Peacock Post Spawn Round Up!

Good friend Osiris was coming down to Miami with a buddy of his Lionell and they wanted some peacock bass action....and of coarse I told them lets do it!! I told them to meet me early in the morning at my house so we could get an early start on the pea hunt. I spent about an hour catching some live bait but the bait was hard to find. I had the live well running in the back of the truck but not many baits in there. It was going to be a hot humid day and I wanted a few more baits. So I took Osiris and Lionell to another bait spot and that did the trick...we were loaded up with some mixed size of peacock bass candy that they cannot resist. Lionell brought his arsenal of rods, reels and lures and I knew the peas were going to be in serious trouble. We stopped at a few spots but the peas were small or really not interested in eating. We made some casts but no angry peacock bites so we moved on. The next spot we saw a few peacock swimming around and they looked aggressive...I knew it would not be long before O and Lionell were on with an angry peacock bass. This time of year the peas have finished spawning and are hungry and start fattening up. We spotted one pea in the shallows and Lionell made a nice cast towards the hungry fish with a crank bait and BOOM he was on! After a nice flight Lionell landed the was a beauty!

Lionel with nice Pea
Pea on Crankbait

After a few pics Lionell released the fish and we moved on. We kept searching the banks and found decent fish and we managed several double headers all on artificial lures...crankbaits, swim baits, and rattle traps. O and Lionell made cast after cast and we were landing some decent fish and several chase downs by hungry angry peas. 

O and Lionel Double Header
Pea 2 for 2

After catching several peas we cam across a really nice pea that was in the 5-7 pound range. We made several casts at him with lures but the fat pea was not interested. We ran to my truck and loaded upon some live baits and returned to try to entice the big fellow to eat...but no the big pea left the scene and a swarm of peas showed up instead!

The Peacock Bass War Party Had Arrived!

Pea War Party
Pea on Swimbait
The peas were everywhere and they were hungry and angry. They swallowed O’s bait and he was on ...Lionell made some casts with his lure and he was on as was crazy...peas everywhere! After several multiple hook ups and landings we were very pleased with the action we had and decided to go to some other spots...looking for a GIANT. We reached the next spot and we took our gear and some live baits...we needed to find a big boy. Once we were there we looked around and some some real nice peas swimming around. O had one in his sights and flung a rattle trap towards the pea...he destroyed the lure! O was on and the fight was viscious...the pea fought ferociously to get away. O took his time and got him close and waited for the pea to loose his strength. He got him close and I scooped him up! It was a beautiful male fat peacock bass! O was ecstatic and held the pea for some quick pics before we set the beast free. 

Beast Pea
Pea on Rattle Trap

Now it was Lionell’s turn at a big pea. Lionel looked around and we could see the peas coming in and out of a specific area. He cast the lure and KABOOM the pea attacked it! Lionell was on and this pea meant business...he made some nice runs and jumps trying to get free. Lionell worked him and tired him out. He brought the pea close and I was ready to scoop him up...but at the last second the pea found some extra energy and made a dash for some weed and rock cover and just like that he was off...Lionell was heartbroken...but big peas will do that to you. They fight hard to the end and never give up. But we had a great day and Lionell and O had a lot of great action and some nice fish were caught. Live bait rods were loaded with Bullbuster Braid 20 lb and 20lb fluorocarbon. Remember Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing lines at

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