Fishing Report:

Poppin Sails Tournament Recap

Author: Mike Milewski

Down here in South FL we are headed into our Sailfish season!! Those “Cold Front” and constant north winds will start to push the Sailfish down in a hurry!! We just wrapped up the Poppin Sails tournament to kick off the season. There is no question we were greeted by Sailfish conditions, the wind was blowing and the seas were sporty!! The great news was the overall bite was on fire!!! A ton of dolphin were around that make for a great dinner! In addition, we were able to go 1/1 on Sailfish!!

Primarily here in the Palm Beach area our technique of choice is going to be fishing live baits off our kites. As for where are we going to fish, its going to be setting up drifts on the “ledge”. We typically start at 300ft and drift in to 80ft to locate the bite. However, prior to just popping out our kites and start fishing, we are going to look for a productive area to start. We are looking for nice blue clean water, bait, rips or an edge. Once we locate our starting point I will take a few minutes to determine the conditions. Some of the indicators I am looking at are current, wind direction and drift speed. Once I determine the condition are what we are looking for we deploy our kites and get our baits out.

Once our kites are out we send a few flat lines out and a deep bait on the other side of the boat. The more baits in the water the better. The goal is to increase your chances and make the most of your day.

Our first bite did not come until we reached the sallow side of our drift. Had three dolphin smash our kites baits and it was game on. Once the dolphin were in the box we reset in the same area and water depth. We barely got the 3rd kite bait set and the long went off. Tight on a Sail!! The mid kite bait a minute latter was tight on another Sail!! The Sail on the mid bait spit the hook on his first few jumps which was disappointing. However we were able to leader one Sail, which got us on the board!!

As the day continued to progress, we put another dolphin in the boat and a king. We also lost a few other dolphin in the mayhem. However it was a great day!! Plenty of meat for dinner!!

This is our favorite time of the year. Lots of sails and plenty of by catch in the mix for dinner!! Get out there, get your kites out, and put in the time!! You will be rewarded for sure!!!

Tight Lines!!

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