Fishing Report:

Pond Hoping At It’s Finest

Author: Jagar brattain

Love getting out after work going to throw couple cast at ponds around the neighborhood. Best is when you throw the top water frog and you get that massive top water explosion, I don’t know about you but that makes my heart skip a beat . So moral of the story is don’t pass up the little neighborhood ponds they hold the key to the big bass museum!!! No matter how small the pond is if there is water there is fish make sure to always be prepared at any time you could hook that monster trophy you been waiting for. This picture didn’t do this fish justice on the scale she weighed 8.5 lbs not my biggest but I can tell you she gave me the best show . The explosion on the bait was insane wish I had my GoPro with me . My favorite type of fishing is pond fishing cause like I said you never know what big bass is hiding in the weed shop or under that fallen down tree branch , if you see debri in the water dont be scared to go overboard and pull out the  flipping the stick and pull big Bertha out of her hiding spot . My go to lures would be #1 zoom trick worms (June bug red) #2 jethro frogs (black) #3 live target rat (brown) #4 rattle trap (black/gold,chrome/blue) #5 culprit worm (fire and ice)

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