Fishing Report:

Pompano Inferno On The Panhandle

Author: Patrick Meek

Florida Panhandle Pompano Fishing

There's nothing like hanging out on the beach working on your tan, enjoying a cold beer and just relaxing after a long hard day at work, but bring a surf rod along because this spring the Pompano bite has been on FIRE!!!

My wife and I hit the beach recently and within a few minutes our surf rods were bending. The bait of choice has been fresh dead peeled shrimp, pink shrimp flavored Fishbites, and occasionally live sand fleas. It usually doesn't take long to catch a Florida limit (6), and some Whiting are usually caught as well.

For me, the afternoon bite has been the most productive. Lines are staggered from short cast to long cast in the darkest trough. Some wave action is always nice, but I have been able to limit out on the days that the surf is flat as well. 20# or 30# Bullbuster braid is used for my longer cast from the beach. It's very rare I wade into the water to cast, especially when the water temperature hasn't reached the upper 70's. 

Pompano are sight feeder's and in my experience I have found that white floats that mimic a sand flea are the best floats of choice with 30# fluorocarbon and a 2/0 circle hook. Also, it never hurts to slightly reel in your line 1/4 of a turn every once in a while. This will form a sand cloud that attracts Pompano to a potential meal.

Until next time, Tight Lines!

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