Fishing Report:

Pompano Beach: Surprise Tripletail

Author: Reel Smooth Fishing Team

Landbased Triple Tail

1/19/20: It was the first calm day in a long time so we decided to make a quick trip and try for some inshore fish. Our usual spots haven't been producing lately so we decided to explore new spots and try to add to our arsenal. Our first stop we tried near Hillsboro Inlet. Between my buddy and I, within 15 minutes we lost 3 lures to the bottom, broke a rod tip, and had the tackle bag straps snap before we decided luck was against us and we needed to move on. The boat traffic and number of fisherman did not help our cause either. 

The sun was going down and we tried a canal off the intercoastal. We soaked the big rod with some mullet on the bottom in hopes of a tarpon, and were casting X-Raps and Flairhawk jigs for anything that might bite. As soon as we get the mullet out 4 black cats approach us out of nowhere. Could our luck get any worse? A couple minutes later, I'm scanning the seawall for snook and a tripletail swims in out of the depths. I've never seen one in my life so it took a bit to process to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. I run to grab the rod with the X-Rap, loaded with 20 lb Bullbuster braid, but can't see him anymore so I blindly cast out and hope for the best. Two cranks in and I get whacked. We get it up the seawall--it is indeed a tripletail--and I was still in shock as I'm looking at this prehistoric looking fish. I had no idea they cruise into the crowded canals of South Florida. We wait to see if the mullet gets picked up for a little longer before calling it a day. Definitely not the fish we were expecting, but who can be mad at getting their first tripletail or catching one of the best eating fish out there? And who said black cats were bad luck?

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