Fishing Report:

Pike Fishing In Rhode Island

Author: The Tree Guy

Ice Fishing In Rhode Island For Pike

Well it is winter in New England and we all know what that means...Ice fishing! After a few warm months we just had our first cold spell with the past week having an average temperature being 15 degrees. This means we finally have enough ice to hit our spots! Last weekend I received a few samples of the new BullBuster Fluorocarbon in an array of sizes, out of temptation to test the new product I tied up some rigs and set up the tip-ups. After drilling 15 holes it was time to rig baits and get fishing! After rigging a variation of baits in many of our most productive spots we all sat back and kept an eye out for flags.

"After an hour the far tip flag shot up... the spool was getting dumped!"

After the first three hours we had our first flag shoot up, we then set the hook and brought the pike up to through the ice. This was a smaller pike but when its 10 degrees out you need anything to make you run! After another hour the far tip-up flag shot up and the spool was getting dumped! This pike was much better in size and it was extremely healthy. After a group decision we decided to pack up the gear and go home. The fluorocarbon worked flawless and handled the pikes teeth.

Rhode Island Fishing

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