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Piglets On Jiglets! 2017 Snook Season: 11 Days And Counting

Author: Absolut Fishing Team

Piglets on Jiglets, Snook Fishing.

We're not talkin' about Giant Pigs on Jigs, we're talkin' about Piglets on Jiglets! 11 days and counting! The first round of Snook Shmurda Season for 2017 is quickly approaching and they've been biting! 


Winter Snook Fishing.  

After taking a couple of weeks off of Snook fishing we're starting to get back in the swing of things. We've racked up a good number of slot sized fish and things are looking promising; but winter can be tough for Snook fisherman. As the water cools off, the Snook get sluggish. At this point it's the Snook's job to conserve heat and eat when they can so the conditions tend to play an EVEN BIGGER role. Look for Snook in deep water and around structure. 

Our favorite way of catching Snook is to use a Flair Hawk Jig thrown from the top of a bridge or from the skiff tied up to the bulkhead of a bridge. Key in at the end of each tide cycle. Last 3 of the High and last 3 of the low typically produce the best in our experience. Cast your jig up current and let it hit the bottom. Slowly reel the jig back to you letting it "Sweep" through the shadow line of the bridge. 

The slots have been biting consistently but you'll have to wait out the tide and work to find where they are. To get the smaller fish, try downsizing your jig a bit. Towards the end of the tide the tidal pull won't be as strong and you'll be able to get away with a 1 oz "Jiglet" rather than your 1.5 - 3oz Jigs. Be sure to keep checking the bottom and adapting your retrieve to the size of the jig.

Below is a picture of Team Member Noel with a lower slot sized fish from last night., 1/19. 


We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. It's our mission to help you spend more time fishing. 

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