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Permit Aren't As Elusive As YOU Thought. Keys Bridge Report

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Fishing For Permit From Keys Bridges

Last month I made a keys bridge trip with a couple buddies of mine, in search of some land based permit. We were very underprepared and had no idea what to expect. Permit are a fish, that most anglers view as this elusive ghost that rarely comes around. I remember growing up and watching all my favorite TV shows with guides stating that these fish were incredibly smart and hard to hook. Well I can tell you two things I have learned as a fishermen.

1. Permit are incredibly smart in terms of knowing how to break you off

2. A hungry permit will eat just as willingly as any other fish. 

On our first trip these permit were so voracious in their feeding, we burned through 20 blue crabs in under 2 hours. I think one reason these fish have this aura is the fact that most people are simply not used to pitching out crabs as bait. Crabs are not cheap, nor are they readily available in most tackle shops. 

Our first keys trip for land based permit ended with us going 3/9, with many break offs, as these fish know exactly when to shoot for structure. 

Below is a video of our first trip.

Educated and determined to catch a permit for the dinner table this time, we went back during season last week. Our last trip permit was prohibited for harvest in the SPZ.

On this trip we saw half the amount of permit as last, but we did have much better hookup/catch ratios going 3/4 on 20+lb fish. We did harvest them and they were eaten. Permit fillets, in case anyone was wondering are not fishy what so ever, but I will admit they are FIRM as hell and can be chewy. They have a distinct crustacean flavor and almost feel like you are eating STEAK of the sea. 

Below is the video from our most recent trip, as well as some pics to go with it! 

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