Fishing Report:

Perfectly Camouflaged Fish! Light Tackle Snook Fishing

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Light Tackle  Wade Snook Fishing

As fishermen we do everything we possibly to get an upper edge on fish and our environment. While wade fishing the other I was surprised to discover that my very first cast in the dark brown waters of the indian river lagoon produced a healthy little male snook. 

"On the beach they are very pale while..river fish tend to be a lot darker and brown in appearance."

I was surprised for two reasons. Usually your first cast is to test the waters and secondly the fish pretty much at within 2 feet of me. The water where we were fishing had a very high freshwater content, thus resulting in a very low visibility and perfect environment for predatory fish such as snook to ambush their prey.

The snook could not have been knowing of my presence as these are very shy and spooky fish when it comes to someone stepping into their home. As fishermen we often love the gin clear, no wind days, but these can make for some of the worst fishing conditions. A little stirred up water and murkiness can really fire up the bite and help to get you closer to the fish. These snook blend in so well to whatever environment they're living in.

On the beach they are very pale and white, while the river fish tend to be a lot darker and brown in appearance. Their natural defense from predators such as dolphin as well a predatory advantage to unknowing bait. 

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