Fishing Report:

Peacocks On Fire

Author: Albert Acosta

Fishing For Peacock Bass In Lakes

"As the day heats up, the more aggressive they will be"

Spring is here in my book! The peacock bass fishing has been on fire 🔥 🐟🎣. As the weather has been heating up so have the peacock bass. The last two weekends I have gone out in search of them and have been pleasantly rewarded! The peas are coming on close to shore getting ready to spawn. They are looking for mates and the water is warming.... this equals one thing hot hot peacock fishing! Using lures and flies this time of year can be very exciting as they will be very aggressive and hit hard. You will see them on beds as well just remember the peas will be in pairs defending their nest... practice good fishing and leave the smaller peas bedding alone.... if you see two peas on bed and one is a pig go after the pig and leave the other alone to defend the nests from other fish that will eat their eggs. This will ensure they hatch and make more peacock babies....more pea babies equals more fish in future. The caught fish will return to the nest if you leave the other peacock bass alone. It takes discipline but you can do it! I have been using topwater, jerk bait, swimbaits and crankbaits to catch them. 

As the day heats up and water heats up the more aggressive they will be. Work the lure fast and move it erratically to draw more strikes. They prefer fast moving baits... they want to chase it! You will find very good numbers and good size Peacock Bass this time of year so keep your eyes scouting out the shores and structure like logs, rocks, and ledges.make sure to use good leader material! I use Bullbuster fluorocarbon 30 lb to ensure I don't get cut off on the ledges, Rocks and logs. I can't tell you how many times I have been wrapped around tree trunks, rocks, or ledges and survived because of the leader to land a pig peacock bass! Hope this helps you catch more fish! 

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