Fishing Report:

Peacock Bass War Party

Author: Albert Acosta

Peacock Bass Tourney Amongst Friends

I'm always up for a peacock bass fishing expedition so when great friends Ruben and his son Ryan called and said they wanted to tangle with some peas I couldn't refuse. Ryan wanted a nice peacock bass and it had been a while since he felt the viscous hit and head shake of this ferocious predator. The weather has been changing in Florida... not much but a few degrees can make a big difference in water temp and drive these fish into deeper water. They do not like cold weather or water. Also this time of year they are not spawning but they are feeding aggressively to fatten up for winter. I knew that if we could find a spot where they were schooling we would be in business. We were able to catch some live bait but it was rough, bait was scarce but we managed a dozen. We headed to the first spot and spotted one hiding next to a rock. Ryan  put a bait on and after a few casts the peacock inhaled the live bait and Ryan was on. After a few runs and jumps Ryan landed that feisty peacock bass. It was a nice male peacock and turned out to be his personal best! 

Peacock bass fishing miami
Ryan's personal best pea

We kept looking in nearby area on same lake and I was surprised by a swarm of peacock bass that were swimming in a school near rock ledge... there must have been 15 of them in this school. We saw three or four that were 5 pounds or more. Ruben put a nice bait on and made a cast at the swarm of peas. These peas were on a warpath.... it was a hunting war party like I call it lol. They were looking for one thing and one thing only...bait...and they were gonna kill whatever swam in their path. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that when Ruben made the cast I could see the peas looking at it as it sailed across the water. They saw it and when it landed on the water a nice pig inhaled it! After the hard hit Ruben missed the hookset but it happens.. these fish hit fast and hard. We all started throwing baits in at the pea war party and were rewarded. We landed 9 peas out of the 12 baits! We lost 3 nice peas but it happens. We had a nice triple up as well! Caught on Bullbuster braid and fluorocarbon 40lb leader

Peacock bass Florida
Peacock Swarm
Peacock bass fishing report
Ruben with a nice peacock bass on live bait

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