Fishing Report:

Peacock Bass On Santas Naughty List

Author: Albert Acosta

Post Christmas Peacock Bass Fishing

It's the day after Christmas and after being away for 3 weeks for work I was eager to get back to some fishing. Good friend Scott was in town for the holidays from Texas and this was our first day to go after some fish. We got up early and headed out to catch some live bait and the PMCC was ready... (Peacock Mobile Command Center). The live bait was very very scarce and we had a hard time finding what we wanted. After a few different spots we managed about 15 live baits and headed out to a few of our Peacock Bass spots. The wind today was blowing hard making the water choppy and the clouds were hiding the sun. Sight casting the live baits at peacocks today was very difficult. After a few baits were hit by some sneaky peacocks we were having no luck of landing any of them. We kept moving to different locations until we found one nice peacock bass hiding and after a few baits cast at him Scott landed a nice male peacock bass.

Scott's Peacock

Peacock bass

We broke the ice with that peacock and kept moving to different locations. The fishing was slow and we were not seeing any cruising fish or fish in ambush spots waiting for a well presented bait. We decided to move to one last location to try our luck, we were not giving up. We arrived at the location and quickly looked around but saw nothing, no peas cruising no nothing. We put a few baits on and hoped for the best..... it did not take long for the fish to show up. We tossed our live baits into deeper water and brought them in slowly allowing the bait to swim around and make its presence known. All of a sudden Scott says his bait was hit, I looked over and saw his frantic bait swimming for its life as a nice bass rolled on it viscously on the surface.... I knew it was a big bass. Scott was on and after a hard fight and some jumps he landed the big bass.

Nice bass

Scott's Bass

After the viscous bass hit we tossed a few more baits into the same area to see what else was lurking. It did not take long and saw my bait swimming furiously for the shore with two nice peacock bass, a male and female chasing it to make it a meal. The male peacock chased the bait almost out of the water onto shore... he wanted that bait, he was going to eat it if it was the last thing he was going to do! He inhaled the bait and I was on but missed the hook set! I was totally disappointed with my self but I put another bait on and that male peacock came back and did the same thing, he practically beached himself to get that bait. This time the hookset was true and he was not getting away. After a few runs and hard fight he was landed. 

Peacock bass
Nice male peacock

This male peacock bass had a huge hump on its head and beautiful colors. Scott threw another bait in the same area and it was not long before the female was fighting and jumping....we had the double header. After a few pics we released both peas back into their murky lairs. 

Peacock double header
Double trouble

We had a few baits left and used them quickly to land a few more peas. Fishing was slow early but it quickly picked up and the bass and peacock bass did not disappoint us. Stay tuned this week as Scott and I have more fishing adventures planned for this week with some more toothy type beasts! Bullbuster Braid used and 30 lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon.

Peacock bass
Peacock bass

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