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Peacock Bass On Artificial!!!

Author: Capt Drew

Peacock Bass Charter Miami

This Trio came from Puerto Rico to catch Peacock Bass with me in Miami. Usually when I do a Peacock Bass trip, we use Live Shiners. Not this trip.

They were a group of Tournament Bass Anglers that are completely against live bait. I told them that the trip is in their hands and they’re going to have to fish hard and capitalize. That’s just what they did.

These boys were throwing poppers and ploppers like they were in the Amazon. Super hard and super loud. Well it got the Peacocks attention because every spot we hit, “Drew, get the net”.

First fish, 4 pounder. Second fish, 4 pounder. 3rd fish 5 1/2 pounder. So on and so fourth. They only had one big one come off and capitized on the rest. It was truly awesome for me to sit back and watch the show.

Apparently, one of them is 1st in his town and 3rd out of all of Puerto Rico. They were all great Anglers and they put the smack down on the Peacocks. We had an 8 hour trip but got rained out after 4 or 5 hours.

We’ve kept contact since and their questions were “what yellow braid were you using and what leaders do I use”? They absolutely fell in love with the Bullbuster braid so get ready to ship to PR!

Thanks for reading,

-Capt Drew

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