Fishing Report:

Peacock Bass In The Rain

Author: Albert Acosta

Golden Shinner
Golden Shinner Nails Nice One

Peacock Bass Love the Rain!!

It has been a very dry winter and spring  this year in Florida. The water levels recently have been very low and the shallow water fishing for peacock bass has been slow but the rains are coming....the rains are coming! Last few weeks the rain has really picked up and some serious down pours have been occurring. With all the heavy rain coming down the water levels in the lakes and canals have risen very rapidly and the fishing has really picked up. With all the extra fresh water filling up the lakes and canals the fish have moved into these newly filled areas to hunt for minnows and small baitfish. I love it when it rains because I know the fishing heats up! Peacock bass and bass start to feed heavily with all the new hunting grounds and they are aggressive. I enjoy fishing in the rain with my rain jacket on and load up on lures and head out to hunt these fish in the shallows. The peacock bass have for the most part completed their spawn and want to fill their bellies. My rod and reel loaded with Bullbuster 20lb braid and 20lb fluorocarbon is a perfect set up to target these fish. I use small to medium size lures in Mayan, tilapia, or baby pea patterns. You can read about my favorite lures and see the lures I use in my previous article here is link to that article. Favorite Peacock Bass Lures

I visited several areas and was really looking hard hard trying to get some nice size fat ones...and they were out! 

Nice Peacock Bass Were Out Cruising the shallows!

I made several casts at these fish and they were not messing around. They were very aggressive and chased down almost every cast I made. The lures types I was using were the Golden Sinner, Baby Mayan and Baby Tilapia patterns....they were smashing them hard. 

Pea on the Baby Tilapia
Baby Tilapia Cannot Be Denied

After several nice peas in the rain Kept moving and looking for bigger ones. Casting out into the deep and bringing in the lures fast and erratic was the trick and the peas were chasing the lures all the way up to my feet practically! After rushing the peas I started to slow down my retrieves trying to entice a nice big bass to come up and crush the lures...It did not take long before my lure was chased down and engulfed by some nice bass. I like slow resent actions with long pauses then quick darting action then pause again for the bass...they love it. 

Bass in the Rain
Golden Shinner Bass Slayer
Bass Love the Golden Shinner
Bullbuster in Action

All in all it was a great few days of fishing and the peas and bass were ferocious. Remember don’t fear and hide from the rain...some great fishing can happen if you time it right and go out and look for the fish..they will be there. Now be safe and don’t fish in lightning storms! Stay tight and use Bullbuster fishing lines and order today! Spend More Time Fishing! Take care.

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