Fishing Report:

Peacock Bass Getting Aggressive

Author: Austin Porter

Spring Means A Better Peacock Bass Bite In South Florida 

Well Spring time has arrived and that means the Peacock Bass are about to spawn. Over the the past weekend went bass fishing for two days, since it was cool the weekend the Peacock Bass never really ate until about noon time when the sun was in full force. 

Noticed some of the Peacocks were already on a bed and others were paired up free swimming. All I threw was 1/8oz Chartreuse green jigs and they would hit it as quick as it went by their face. Every female I caught was full of eggs, so anytime now they will spawn. Over two days of fishing probably bagged about 50 fish mostly in the ranger of 2lbs with a few close to 5lbs.

Over the next few weeks, as long as it stays warm the Peacock Bass will only get better. When releasing the fish, especially the females be very gentle with them. Their stomach right now looks like a rectangle and if you touch it, its tough. Thats the eggs in her and you don't want to slam her on her side well you release her. The bass were caught on Bullbuster 12lb mono with 20lb mono leader and Gettin' Jiggy peacock bass jigs. 

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