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Peacock Bass Fishing In March !

Author: Columbus Anglers Club

Peacock Bass Fishing Is Heating Up!

My name is Liam Walters and a couple club members and I went out in search of peacock bass in Miami, FL.


So, around Noon, we headed out to our first spot. We got to the spot and immediately, the peacocks were there, right next the bank. So we started to make our cats with artificials and we couldn’t get one to eat. There were about 5-6 peacocks just sitting there not even being phased by our lures.

Live Bait is the way to go!

So, we decided to pick up our stuff and buy some live shiners at our local bait shop. So we bought the shiners and went back to same spot. When we got to the spot and as the sun got higher, there were no where to be found. So we decided to add some split shots and send our shiners deep. First shiner got crushed by this decent peacock.

As we were reeling in that peacock, 3-4 other peacocks came up with it. So we pitched another shiner and landed a couple for fish. After that school of peacocks, the spot didn’t produce much more. So we moved on to another lake near by. We got to the lake and we started walking the bank in search of fish. No later we found a big rock pile about 15 ft from the bank stacked with smaller peacocks and we pitched our shiners and they were all over them.


-15lb Bullbuster Braid

-15 lb Bullbuster Flourocarbon

-1/0 VMC Circle hooks

Here is the link to a video of that day!

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