Fishing Report:

Peacock Bass And Bass On Fire!

Author: Albert Acosta

Peacocks on Fire!
Luis with Peacock

Peacock Bass and Bass Action is on Fire!

It’s been a long time since we have had any rain and the water levels in the canals and lakes have been very low. The fish are in the deeper water pockets looking for bait and spawning mates...waiting for the rains to come. The fish can be found in this deeper water pockets and they will be eager to eat what is thrown at them. The shallow water flats and edges are a no go right now so you have to use live bait...but lures will work fine just wont be sight casting to them as much. But the past few days the rains have come and the water levels are starting to rise...and the bite is picking up as well. So good friend Luis and I decided on a Saturday to go out and spend the day fishing looking for peas and bass. Luis is a hardcore bass angler that fishes Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades and other lakes in Florida so he really does not get to much time to hit the peas. So I wanted to show Luis what the pea bite was all about and we set out to hunt some peas. I caught some bait early in the morning, got my rods ready with Bullbuster 20lb braid and 20lb Floro ...ready for some action! Luis and I set out in search of peas and bass and after a few spots we found some hungry peas ready for a fight! One of the rods we had rigged with a small Mayan minnow type lure which is deadly on peas. Peas hate Mayans...Mayan fish are always raiding their nests and eating their eggs..the peas will defend their nests to the death. They will kill anything that resembles a Mayan fish. The water was ultra clear and smooth as glass. There is nothing like sight casting to a hungry peacock bass..their aggressive hit and head shakes are a sight to see...and Luis was about to see it! Luis made a few casts at the fish and it was vicious! The pea destroyed the Mayan lure and headed towards the ledge but Luis stopped him and brought him in. It was a beauty....beautiful colors on this fish without a doubt.

Beautiful Peacck Bass
Look at the Colors on this Guy!

We kept fishing the same general area and we were getting hits by hungry peas. It was turning out to be a great day. After about three to four peas we headed out to some other spots. Luis was getting the pea fever! At the next location we started looking around and saw a few real nice peas. We had the live baits ready and started to toss them into the water. It was quick action the pease engulfed them and the fight was on. Both Luis and I were on and landed some solid peas. These peas were really nice chunky ones and put up a great fight. 

Chunky Pea
Pea on Live Bait
Peacock Bass on Fire!

Here is a short video of some of the action from that day.

We were going from spot to spot taking down peas and got into some nice bass as well. We were using Bullbuster 20lb braid as well as Bullbuster 20lb Floro to help conceal the line n the ultra clear water in some of the spots. These fish can be picky as well and will not hit if they feel something is not right. We had a great day we had action for most of the day and the fish were aggressive and fighting hard. They hit artificial as well as live bait all day and we caught some absolute gorgeous peacock bass. Remember Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing lines on I hope you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish. see you next time! Take care.

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