Fishing Report:

Peacock Bass Action Is Heating Up!

Author: Albert Acosta

Miami February Freshwater Fishing

Peacock Bass Action Heating Up!
Peacock bass on Jerk Bait

Winter is over in Florida! I know what your saying what winter? But the water does get cool and the peacock bass do not like it. I woke up early morning and grabbed my rod and reel loaded with Bullbuster 20 lb Braid and put some Bullbuster 30 lb flourocarbon on. I was going to fish some real clear water and the fish see everything so floro is a must to conceal your line. I was ready to look for some bass and peacock bass. It was windy but the skies were clear and sunny. I put a Madjuicy  Golden Shinner jerk bait on and started throwing out hoping for some hard hits. I was working the rock ledges cast after cast but no luck. A few small bass but no real big ones. I strated throwing my lure out deeper thinking the fish were still deeper. I started to catch niicer bass and was hoping for a nice peacock bass. I walked the banks searching for bigger fish cast after was one of those days fish bite was slow. As the sun rose higher in the sky the action started to pick up. I threw my lure out deeper and started a fast retrieve then....BOOM viscious top water hit! The fish fought hard trying to go deep down the rock ledge but it then went for the surface and made a big jump and spin! It was a nice peacock bass! I fought the fish and got him close....I had him beached and in my grasp. A beautiful pea with brilliant colors. After a few pics I put him back in the water and set him free...he was an angry fish but he swam away with a grin on his face. Here is short video of the fish from that day

I kept fishing and landed a few more bass then went to different spot. I tossed my lure out and a nice bass came up and smacked it. I  landed the bass...she was nice and fat...a strong fish. 

Nice Bass
Bass on Jerk Bait

   I released the bass and she swam away to fight another day. The ultra clear water makes the fish very wary but by using the Bullbuster flourocarbon  it helped conceal my line from the fish which gets you more strikes. This time of year the peacock bass start emerging from their winter hide outs in the deep water and they are hungry and ready to start breeding. You can find some real nice fish if you put the effort in and take the time to look for them. It definitely helped and I landed some nice fish that day. So remember catch more fish  and Spend More Time Fishing! Order your fishing line and tackle at

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