Fishing Report:

Passing The Torch

Author: William Johnson

The Importance Of Teaching Your Kids To Fish 

Chinese proverb "Feed a man a fish, you fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you fed him for a lifetime." 

This phrase has evolved over the century its been repeated, but the meaning has not changed. A good lesson will stand the test of time. But as I see the very values of this lesson and lessons like it erode away in modern society, I feel inclined as a father to make sure my kids are added to their generation to be self sufficient and reliant. In hopes they will be thankful for the lessons importance. So they understand as adults and pass the same lessons to the next generation. 

While hunting and cultivation are very important things to learn, fishing is by far more tasty and fun then the other two. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy hunting and my garden,  its mostly lots of hard work and dedication in comparison to fishing. Hunting and cultivation are also seasonal, while fishing is arguably  capable to be done the whole year. 

I see most parents annoyed by their kids while fishing. I here a lot of "Put that down" or "Don't touch that!" Two things that will guarantee that your child is not only putting away a negative memory , but also not learning anything. When your child is curious of what you are doing its because they look up to you. Not trying to bother you. When they come around with a million questions, that's a young mind wanting to learn.  So include them you would be so surprised to see how fast they can pick up how to do something. With time they will no longer be hindering your activity but helping and participating. 

When you have them at the point of participating, push their limits! Make them work, it build tensity and strong will. Take them out on the kayak until they cannot move there arms or to the point of breaking their will but they can see where they need to get to. Like the boat launch or part of the beach the car is parked. They will want to stop but will keep going because they are almost finished. At the end they will feel accomplished. Let them go on that all night shark trip and yeah they might get in the way a bit , but bring a chair or two and let them see what example you set until they pass out . 

The memories you set now while they are young, will carry them through adversity as adults..they will think back during their lows and remember the lessons you taught them to pick themselves back up. The achievements you think are small mean the world to them because its so brand new. so act accordingly. It shapes them as people. Giving them confidence to stand alone among their peers to be the leader you created not a follower that could have missed out.

Passing the torch is our responsibility and it is more important now then ever. Most kids leaving high school for college cannot use a broom, can opener, tie a knot, or get themselves out of trouble. How can we expect them to make it when we are not sending them into a world confident,  with the skills needed for survival and success? When it all goes wrong we will only have ourselves to blame. 

I love you Mason and Damian Johnson, you make me so proud. I'm confident that you will turn out to be respectful self reliant members of society. Your strength and will can only be compared to your ability to use your brain. As long as the teachers keep telling me  " Your kids are very special, I haven't seen manners and respect like this for a long time." I know I'm doing right by you so you can do right by yours. 



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