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Party Boat With The Guys

Author: William Johnson

Bring Back Your Spirit On The Water

Its very easy to get lost in a busy work week. The mundane ritual of getting up, going to work , coming home.....repeat. It can get a bit tiring and kill all motivation. You got to make time for yourself and connect with family or friends. Remember if you get to lost in your life you will forget to live. I encourage all of you reading this to GET OFF THE COUCH< SLEEP WHEN YOU'RE DEAD!! Don't let your passion die. Once its gone you can't get it back.

My dad, Bryan Johnson noticed that I wasn't really myself. Tired , over worked and I looked miserable. So he surprised me with a party cruise out to deep water. We noticed that we were on a boat with a lot of people that looked like they never seen open water. I looked at my father and said " Dad, those last three poles on back of the boat are out spots." He looked and responded "yeah, away from these tourists, so we can do work." 

We stood there the whole 25 mile ride out , making it clear these were our spots. We were not moving and we weren't losing them for nothing! We approached the hole and the capt said " 113 ft of water go get them" I waved for my dad and Kyle McNamara to hold off a sec. We were very eager to get bait in the water but I noticed that not many people were paying attention during the crash course given to everyone about how to fish. 

Everyone dropped and just like that everyone was tangled lol. While everyone was sorting out the mess me Bryan Johnson and Kyle McNamara dropped and in less then 20 sec we all yelled "FISH ON!" we were not wasting anytime. we were a team and we meant business. We laughed ..we sweat ..we caught fish. It was a great time. We all Added to the Mingo Snapper hull but two fish stood out A nice little Red Snapper and a Good size Trigger. Both almost straightened the hooks provided by the party boat. 

It was a good day. I loved spending time with my dad and it meant the world having my team mate along  on a "no ma'am" trip for the guys. We drank a couple beers, ate some of my home made fajitas, and enjoyed our time out on water. It was just about flat 25 miles out. It couldn't be any better of a day that is unless it was open season. But we cannot have it all. 

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