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Palm Beach Snook: 20Lbers On 20Lb

Author: Angler Management Fishing

Snook Charters in West Palm Beach

When it gets rough offshore we fish inside the inlet. The Palm Beach inshore fishing bite can be hot. We  target  Snook, Tarpon and Jacks on our charters. Using 20 lb bullbuster mono fishing line we managed to get on a good snook bite on the backside of the full moon. This stuff is abrasion resistant around the pilings and docks, as we never broke a single fish off! Bluewater Babes Tournament Tomorrow!


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Bullbuster Ambassador Landshark fishing - Land based Snook Report

I had not fished here in years and had no idea what to expect. We immediately noticed a big pod of snook working a school of greenies on the beach. Well, turned out we weren't allowed to fish the beach, as the lifeguard deemed it unsafe, due to the current. Our only other option was to fish under the bridge. 

Snook fishing under the bridge
Viktor hooked on a Snook and was chasing it in the water and all across the Beach

Summer Snook Fishing From The Beach 

Bullbuster Ambassador Chase smith

We got to the beach around 5 pm and fished the incoming tide for a few hours before finally catching a very small snook around 20 inches. Eventually, after ten thousand casts, the tide switched and my friend hooks into a very fat 36" snook. She took him for a ride around some structure, but he managed to weave her out of it and onto the beach

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