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Palm Beach September Fishing In Review

Author: Angler Management Fishing

Fishing For Dolphin In The Fall

   Fishing throughout the month of September served as evidence that our Dolphin fishery is solid! The seas have remained flat, making offshore runs easy and enjoyable. The dolphin for the first two weeks of September stayed offshore from 10-25 miles out. The game plan was simple… run until you find a big weed line, deploy a spread of ballyhoo, catch dolphin!

Rigging Ballyhoo For Trolling

When the storms started shaking stuff up offshore and near the Bahamas, the fish moved in shallow also coinciding with the annual mullet run. This makes charter fishing fun because we can stay close to shore in 70-200 feet and slow troll live mullet and goggle-eyes and catch a variety of kingfish, wahoo, dolphin, tuna and sailfish. We have been catching sailfish, kingfish and dolphin on each trip regularly. 

Sailfish Jumping

Making offshore fishing fun for what is usually a low month of the year. We are still seeing a good amount of sailfish around the Jupiter/PSL area. The north wind has brought back a slightly cooler temperature which means cold fronts will be pushing through soon, and with those fronts, the sailfish schools will follow! For any rigging questions, help learning leaders, knots, methods or to just learn more tagging along on our fishing trips visit our website. 

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