Fishing Report:

Padre Island National Seashore - We Got The "TaxMan"

Author: Christopher Meza

Shark Fishing Off Texas Beach!

We made it down south and this time we switched it up and did some shark fishing! We never targeted shark but we caught sharks in the 3ft range and smaller. We did out homework and looked at various leader setups and took those ideas and make our own leaders to our specifications using 500lb bullbuster leader material and some cable we had on hand.

Hook of choice was a Mustad 16/0 39960DT and why did I pick this size hook in the first place? Well, honestly no reason behind it besides picking up 10 hooks for 7$ flat with free shipping on eBay. Leader length was roughly 16ft total with 10ft 500lb bullbuster leader material and 6ft cable.

Gear used was a Jawbone 1042 with an Avet Lx Single speed. I had 500 yards of 65lb braid with 200 yards of 40lb mono. Braid is exact but mono is a rough estimate of how much mono I had on the reel. Give or take I yaked out 350 yards to 400 and bait of choice was Lady Fish. 

We arrived around 3am on the surf and we casted out some fish bites to catch some fresh bait for an early morning drop. After an hour or so we loaded up on whiting and one ladyfish. I woke up around 7am and prepared my bait and finished up crimping my leader. I grabbed my bait and decided to cut the head of the lady fish off and put the rest on a 16/0 circle hook. Bait Stayed soaking till 12 noon and I was already thinking I should re bait and put some fresh whiting but as I waited my rod went off and I was hooked up to my first scalloped hammerhead! 

6ft 5in Hammerhead
Measured 77in and first time hooking up to a hammerhead and was released to fight another day!


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