Fishing Report:

Padre Island National Seashore

Author: Christopher Meza

Couple weeks ago, we decided to go shark fishing down PINS and this time around I upgraded to an 80W and that meant I was going to drop a good size bait for a big shark! It was about 12:30 or so when I was finally able to drop some baits in the surf and I dumped my reel about 800 yards or so and I waited all day till around 8:30pm. That’s when I notice my line go slack and then the drag goes off super loud and line is just stripping off the reel faster than I ever seen before. As I wait for the shark to slow down, line goes limp and no tension what so ever. As I reeled in all the slack, Penn 50w goes off right after and in a matter of seconds the reel just stops and line was cut off so fast we had no chance in fighting the shark. Back to back pick-ups but both ended up in cutoffs and we hope next time we shark fish; the outcome will be different.

Leader set up consisted of 500lb bullbuster leader material and 600lb bullbuster swivels. We had a 5ft piece of cable crimped to a swivel that was crimped to 500lb mono. Total length of our leader was 25ft.

For out next trip we plan on using 125lb mono top shot from bullbuster so that when we have some rubbing with sand bars or any debris, we know that this line will withstand the harsh elements of the ocean.

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