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Over Night Shark Fishing Trip In The Panhandle.

Author: Team American Yaker - RIZZO

Shark Fishing In The Florida Panhandle

 Shark fishing in the panhandle has been a little tricky the last couple of months. Which is a little unusual for this time of the year. Usually by now we would have landed a few dusty sharks and/or maybe even a Mako shark but honestly it’s been dead! We’re not sure if it’s the weather or what but it has been very cold for Florida this winter. With water temps dropping into the low 40’s to 50’s we figured the shark fishing would be on fire. However, we were wrong. It wasn’t until this weekend that we finally started to land some sharks from the beach.

This weekend’s overnight shark fishing trip was a blast! We invited several veterans and their family’s out to enjoy some quality salt water therapy. By the time everything was setup we had well over 20 people out watching us. We had 8 shark fishing rods setup ranging from penn senator 6/0’s to 14/0’s. All spooled with Bullbuster braid and mono. For bait, we had a wide variety of shark candy to include bobos, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, blue fish, sting rays, and jacks. We setup our rods about 10-15 meters apart and staggered their depts.  We dropped baits ranging from 150 meters all the way out to 600-800 meters. Water depth for the deep drop was around 40-50ft deep.

                We spent 14 hours on the beach and landed 4 sharks. 2 sandbars and 2 spinner sharks with several short runs throughout the night. Our first shark came right at sunset with the rest being caught throughout the night: 0100, 0230, and 0430. It seemed right as we started to dose off the rods would go off lol. As mentioned before, we had several runs and that was proven when we reeled our baits in. The bobos were chomped in half and the crabs got at em. Then the sting rays had at least 4-6 bites on them and all of them just missed the hook. You could tell they were smaller sharks except for one bite. It looked like mature sandbar or small bull shark.

                Overall, we had a blast and just about everybody that came out and stayed the distance got to help reel in a shark and get their pictures taken. That’s what its all about for Team American Yakers.

---- American Yaker David Wood

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