Fishing Report:

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Author: William Johnson

  Night Fishing Off Navarre Beach

Night Fishing in Florida is common for the avid fishermen. Not only is the bite pretty good, but man the sun is hot. Gulf side Navarre Beach was our choice for the nights drop. We left the Kayaks at home because the seas were so rough it could only be compared to Ishmael's final fight against Moby Dick. The Night was clear and the beach was empty. Just how we like it. Kyle's portable speaker Was loud , thumping the latest from Upchurch while we drink a icy cold IPA . The citrus/Hop bite of the IPA was complimented by the salty sea breeze blowing in surely contributing to the seas rage. We were not sure if all the work of carrying the gear down the beach to our favorite spot  was going to be worth it, but  after the rods were out and we were in our chairs we couldn't have cared less. 

  4 hours in we had nothing to show for our efforts but empty hooks and a worn out shoulder. Running low on beer and patience we stated the words "we are about to call it" like it was some kind of last ditch effort to improve the odds of getting a solid bite . It only really happened a couple times didn't stop us from saying it every time the bite was slow. To our surprise it actually worked. The line snapped tight . Giving the pole a impressive bend. Knocking over my beer as try to run threw the fine white sugar sand to reach my rod. The Bull Buster 20lb Braid is now limp in the water. "I hope he swam in with it " I said to team mate Kyle McNamara. But to our disappointment there was no fish,or sinker...or hook. The line was cut.Frustrated with the whole situation, Kyle exclaimed. "What does this!" I was quick to my bag in search of some Bull Buster 20lb Mono Leader. I believed it was teeth that stole my rig and with Blue Fish in town I was certain a nice blue was the culprit . 

Kyle McNama

I rigged a pyramid sinker with the leader off the mainline and switched to a bit smaller hook. Threw it back out .  With in the time I placed the rod back in the holder the rod bent again. "Fish On"! It was a short fight as we were helped by the waves crashing on shore. A nice 2.5lb Blue Fish was in the bag. Needless to say Kyle looked over at his other rod  and said "We are about to call it" just being funny. 

We thought it was a  good idea to bring the light tackle rod in for a check and the bait was gone so we decided to go big or go home . So on our last ditch effort to catch something for Kyle we put on a nice chunk of Lady Fish and threw it out. Just as he cracked is beer and sat down the rod looked like it was about to snap in half. He forgot to set the drag. Not concerned about anything but the fish he drops his freshly cracked cold beer in the sand and grabs the rod immediately adjusting the drag and letting the fish run. Kyle looks over at me and says "It would figure we hook the monster on the light tackle rod." 

William Johnson

  In a very Dr. Seuss manner we cautiously fought this fish in a team style effort  for about 30 minutes, running down the beach then back up. Kyle getting tired doing a maneuver I call "The Dance" where you run close to the water reeling line in. Then back peddling  with the surf to pull the fish in. Thank god I was using Bull Buster 15lb mono for any other  sub standard line would not have performed so well and we would have lost the fish. this night proves that patience and determination work for those with the tenacity to keep trying and good  things come to those who wait.

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