Fishing Report:

One Fish And Thats Ok!

Author: Christopher Meza

San Antonio Lake Fishing Report

It was Friday and I was off of work at 1pm. The only thing running through my head was I needed to do some fishing! That morning I took down all my rods and tackle before heading to work because I knew for sure I was going to fish Saturday but after being home for a couple hours I had to do some fishing even if it was for a few hours. Loaded up and headed straight to Calaveras Lake in hopes of landing at least one redfish for the day. Its always hot in Texas so regardless what time I leave I know it’s either hot or humid that you work up a sweat loading up your gear. Well I finally arrived and long behold the lake had plenty of empty room and rare since Friday is the day everyone usually comes out to stay overnight and secure a decent spot for the weekend.  So this one spot called the “Rails” always produced for everyone else but me because I had never caught a redfish in that particular spot. Once I noticed the empty spot I didn’t hesitate to park and set up two-rod holders to secure my spot for the evening. 

Took out the cast net and netted some decent size tilapia and proceed to bait my circle hooks and casted out. Found some near by shaded area and sat under the small tree till my drag went off. If I recall correctly, about an hour or so passed and I was sitting down looking at my phone reading some Bullbuster articles and heard this noise of something moving and it was my rod bending over from the hard tug of a red fish!  Fought the red fish for a minute or so and didn’t have a net to land him so I had to guide him over to the bank were I could walk down and grab the red fish to the bank. 

Wasn’t the monster I was looking for but a decent size 27 inch red fish on a 3in tilapia was landed. well if you need some top notch fishing advice click the blue letters below! Don't forget to Subscribe to TEXASFINCHASERS

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