Fishing Report:

Ocean City Inlet Fishing - June 2019

Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

We came, we casted, we caught.

OCMD Sheapshead
Me with a nice sheepshead caught off the Jetty in OCMD

This past weekend along the eastern coast of Maryland was cold and rainy. A strong wind blew from the Northeast at 20 miles per hour, there was a few torrential downpours throughout the evening. Around the stroke of midnight on Sunday the winds began to calm down, and shift direction from Northeast to a south-easterly wind. As the warm Southern air began to blow across Maryland along with it came a dense fog. We started off well before sunrise heading south from are campground at Delaware Indian River Inlet down the coast line to Maryland's Ocean City Inlet. 

OCMD Jetty Rockfish
Elise with a nice OCMD Jetty Rockfish (Striper).

We arrived at th

e inlet in time to catch the outgoing tide. There was only one other angler who had beat us there, accompanied by a dozen or so screeching seagulls. He must have been a true die-hard. The fog so thick you could barely see 30 yards in front of you. After tying on some plugs we made our way over to the seawall to our self claimed spots, and began making cast up current quickly reeling in the slack and making contact with our plug. Keeping contact as we worked them across the bottom just above the rocky structure covered with mussel and oyster beds making sure to bump along the bottom every now and then. We began hooking up left and right. Run after run.

OCMD Jetty Striped Bass
Me with a nice OCMD Rockfish (Striper)

Landing a ton of striped bass in the 25 to 30" class "schoolies" Bait balls busted out in the middle of the inlet, with seagulls working them. Different unconfirmed species of fish surfacing, possible seals. The inlet was truly alive on this morning. Teammate fishing for sanity was working a gotcha plug along the rocks and hooked into a massive 12 pound plus Sheepshead. He was bowed up good as it was making runs down into the structure trying to break him off on the barnacle covered rocks. He managed to get it in, and into a fellow teammates landing net. It was a rare catch as Sheepshead of this size are usually found right offshore on the wrecks. After removing the gotcha plug from the fish's mouth it was determined that we were lucky to have landed this fish as the back hook on the plug was bent out.

OCMD Jetty Flounder
Elise with a nice flounder caught off the Jetty.

Other anglers were arriving and could be seen out on the jetty catching striped bass. Teammate Journey hooked into a good striped bass, much bigger than all the rest. As we were fumbling around trying to get it into the net from the seawall with the waves pounding, the fish spit the hook and got away. We were both pretty bummed out until a few cats later when she hooked into a keeper size flounder. It was truly an epic morning with over a dozen striped bass landed, a giant Sheepshead, a keeper size flounder, and a decent bluefish. Many more striped bass hooked up and lost. Bullbuster braid and fluorocarbon performed to perfection as always. Never failing as it was put to the test on this rough rocky zone. This foggy morning blitz was definitely one for the books. 

OCMD Jetty Striper (Rockfish)
Elise with a nice rockfish off the OCMD Jetty


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